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lovin' it in socal : )

Well aside from the eye infection which is easily enough treated with antibiotics care of Kaiser Permanente but a bitch in the meanwhile...

Flew out Tuesday after work & crashed with my friend Mary in Orange county & headed down yesterday to Soma in San Diego - 12 Step Rebels and Street Dogs opened.

Here is the set list - the ? was "Incorporeal" - What Happens was played for the first time this tour also! (also Under Saturns Shadow was the encore)

It was a great show & all the guys were hanging out afterwards in a great mood signing stuff & talking to the fans, here's a pic I got of Nick with my friends Lance (who I'd met at one ofthe Social D shows last year) & his wife Megan (I ended up taking almost everybody's photos last night!)

and with Jeff & James -

Looking forward to all the HOB shows!! But first will be VNV Nation at the Avalon (where I saw them on New Year's Eve) tonight!
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