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Let's give this a try....

Seems like these live journals are getting ubiquitous, almost everybody I meet online has one and I bump into more and more managed by old friends & acquaintances. So in the hopes that I don't loose my ability to write down my thoughts since I seldom have the time for long letters like I used to and also so I won't forget the little details that make life interesting when you look back and reminisce I figured I'd give this a go....

Here it is, close to the start of 2004.... I survived 2003 AOK and overall it was a better year than many of the ones before it, a time of rebirth and renewal for me. Now if I can just keep going and continue towards my goals... So far keeping to my new year's resolutions of sticking to my diet (much success on low carbing so far, I still have a ways to go but I finally feel like I *can* make it), getting more exercise (working out with some weights now, planning on joining a fitness class as soon as i get some more $$) and getting more ink : )

Got a brilliant new tattoo last week from Susan Behney down at Jinx Proof in Georgetown - she did the flaming rose from the AFI "Girls Not Grey" 7" cover in beautiful color on my chest. Damn that girl is talented - she far exceeded my expectations, this is my 2nd from her as she also did the DF Blackheart on my back last October. Now if I could just decide what else I'd like, I definitely plan on more tho I realize I could easily get carried away (thinking here of the profusion of art on my walls and the clutter of stickers on my car...I do tend towards visual overload = ) Anyway photos here -

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