Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Three in a row....

3rd night at the House of Blues, went over to the venue early & ran into Nick 13, great to get a chance to talk to him before the show : ) Ran into my buddy Louie Bones who was hanging out with the openers Love Equals Death and introduced me to his friend, their singer Chon Travis (formerly of Loose Change)

In tribute to it being Morrissey's birthday, Tiger Army played their cover of "The Loop" that night and Moz was in attendence in the balcony so they dedicated it to him : ) I heard that Morrissey went backstage after the show & met Nick, it must have been a great feeling for Nick to have one of his idols come and see *his* band, I hope he felt flattered (and rightly so!) While I didn't see Morrissey I certainly did see Jade from AFI lurking on tyhe side of the stage watching the show (and the audience)

Set list -
Ghost Tigers Rise
True Romance
Cupid's Victim
Fog Surrounds
Through the Darkness
The Loop
Rose of the Devils Garden
20 Flight Rock
Outlaw Heart
Santa Carla twilight
Never Die

Encoure - Under Saturn's Shadow

click to see lots of pix from Sunday! And lots more pix of Tiger Army on my website here:

(look closely and you can see Jade Puget from AFI on the right side)

Tags: concert photos, tiger army
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