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new cat maybe??

I've been despondant since I had to put my beloved Boo kitty to sleep about a month ago - she was 21 years old & had thyroid problems for years and her kidneys were beginning to fail her and she'd stopped eating - it was one of the most heart wretching decisions of my life but I didn't want her to suffer. I've been really lonely without my little Boo, I'd known her since she was a kitten and she'd lived with me since my dad died in 1989.

my little tribute to her here - http://www.psychotica.net/evb/kittyboo.html

So since I got home from CA I've been hunting for a new kitty friend - I think I found "my boy" yesterday so now I am anxiously awaiting hearing back from the Humane Society if they'll approve the adoption.

He's a gorgeous and HUGE Maine Coon cat (probably 20-25 pounds, he could stand to loose a couple, he's a bit on the tubby side), a classic brown tabby and white, very poufy and friendly. He'd been brought into the shelter the day before by a woman who'd just gotten married & the new hubby was allergic to cats and got a puppy and I guess that didn't go over too well with kitty as he growled at the puppy. I can just picture this scenario - hubby sez "either that cat goes or I do" and poor kitty got the boot.

Anyway he took an immediate liking to me which was great because he was obviously picky about people - he doesn't trust anybody who works atthe shelter & acts totally different towards them, poor guy seemed a bit freaked over loosing his home & being dumped in a cage but for me he rolled over on his back & got a lot of belly rubs and ear scratching & I got a big purr and "happy feet"

So wish me luck and hopefully this guy will be happy & spoiled in a few days : ) He'll definitely need a new name too, the shelter called him "Capitol" and his old owner called him "Biggs". Here's a rather poor photo I grabbed off their website, he is so much prettier than this!

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