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Kitty is in da house!

Well the Montgomery County Humane Society approved the adoption & we got the consent form signed by the landlady & were able to pick up our new guy last night!! I bet he was glad to be sprung from "the joint" as he barely even fit in the cage!

He is HUUUGE, I swear he is 3x the size of a normal cat, but he is a total love and very very sweet. He was rather scared at first & spent the first few hours hiding under the computer desk in the living room, but then I got him to play with a peacock feather & brought out the laser pointer & he got so excited to chase the "red dot" he forgot he was hiding and came out. Eventually I was able to coax him out & give him a tour of the place & show him the kitchen & where the litter box is and everything (and he was a good boy & did his business right in the box with no mistakes)

click for more pix -

He climbed into bed with me after I'd fallen asleep & Judy snapped this photo -

Miss Rissa feels a bit put out and is complaining some, I hope they will become friends soon.

Still working on a name : )

I tell ya, waiting in the humane society I overheard a conversation that made me so angry! This one woman came in to give up her cat.... her reasoning, she was moving back in with her mom & her mother didn't like cats. But she didn't want to permanently give it up, she just wanted to know if they could hang on to him for a few weeks.

Humane Society" "You could board him somewhere"
Nutty Lady: "I don't want to have to pay money"
Humane Society: "You have to sign him over to us"
Nutty Lady: "Can I adopt him back?
Humane Society: "No"
Nutty Lady: "Can my mother adopt him?"
Humane Society: "I thought your mother didn't like cats"
Nutty Lady: "You don't have to know that"
Humane Society: "You do realize we kill animals here"

I can't deal with people who treat animals so casually : (
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