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I am so bummed : (

12SxRx calls an "indefinite break"
Press statement from 12 Step Rebels
(taken from their message board at http://rebelrock.proboards1.com)

Though it's not calling it quits, members of the band call an "indefinite break" to 12SxRx at this time...

After 5 years of focusing on nothing but the band it was decided to call a break to 12SxRx. Jakob has chosen to pursue college full time and Nate has decided to focus on things of a personal matter as well. With those decisions, Chad will be focusing all his attention on his other band with fellow members of the 12SxRx family, Ian and Jefe. This project had slowly been in the works for some time but was also put on hold like many other things in our lives due to the demanding schedule of 12SxRx. We want to stress to everyone who has supported the band over the years and believed in us that we would never want this decision to take away from our continued gratitude - we all love what this band has brought to our lives and will always appreciate everyone we've met along the way.

Again, this is not necessarily quits for the band - we all still consider each other family - but don't expect to see much from 12SxRx in the immediate future at this point. If you see tour dates being advertised, unless you read about it here it's not happening - all future touring has been put on hold as of right now due to these events.


I am so bummed, especially as I was making plans to go see them at the big Rockabilly/Psychobilly fest over Labor day weekend...crap. May still go as lots of good bands are playing I'dlike to see (Resurex, Zombie Ghost Train, Batmobile) but 12 Step Rebels were my main reason for going.

Just hope they'll be back in the future!
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