Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

kitty update : )

Still trying to decide on a name... fav picks so far are "Mulder" (from fav character on the TV show "X Files") and "Spooky" and since Spooky was also Mulder's nickname I think both will work for formal and informal occasions : )

Poor fellow came down with a cold Thursday night so I took him to the vets to meet Dr. Cheryl on Friday & she put him on antibiotics & some antihistamines and said that its almost expected that kitties out of a shelter will pick up something from being in a big room full astressed out kitties, poor guy has been sneezing lots and unfortunately extra large cats produce extra big sneezes & he's gotten nicknamed "Droolbunny" for now. The poor guy looks miserable & just wants to be left alone, I hope he'll feel better soon & be more sociable!

Tags: kitties, lizkitties, spooky, spooky cat
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