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making plans for new ink : )

It was in June of 1992 - 13 years ago - that I got my first tattoo down in Charlotte, NC at the hands of John Rainey of Alternative Arts who was then working out of his home after moving back to NC from LA where he'd tattooed the likes of Motley Crue and Morbid Angel (as well as designing MA's album covers). At the time I had a couple of friends in Charlotte that he'd done some amazing work for & they set up the appointment for me as he was difficult to book unless he knew you.

My first tattoo was taken directly from my favorite comic book - "Grendel:Devil by the Deed" by Matt Wagner of the character Argent the werewolf (who is actually the good guy in the comic as the titled Grendel a/k/a Hunter Rose is an evil genius). It's one of those drawings I saw and immediately thought "wow that would be a fantastic tattoo" and realized 3 years later that if I'd been thinking about it that long it was definitely the right choice. Yeah, I took a long time to work up the nerve then ; ) Since then I've always thought of Argent as my totem or protector, and he turned out to be the start of a lot to come.

Little did I know I would become such an ink junkie or I would have thought bigger from the start. But back then you really didn't see many big tattoos, especially on girls. But after getting the Halloween werecat sleeve down my left arm last summer my right arm felt naked and severely outclassed. For many years I thought it would be cool as hell to do a whole background around Argent and make it look like a scene out of the Grendel comic (perhaps crouching on the ledge of a deco skyscraper with a city scape behind and Grendel lurking somewhere) but I was stumped as to the composition working around the existing piece. I tried to commission Grendel creator Matt Wagner as well as J.K. Snyder (another artist who worked on the series) but unfortunately neither took commissions (but were happy to sell me more art : )

Then on the comicart-L mailing list I saw a post from a fellow handling commissions from Kyle Hotz, an excellent comic artist who's work I've admired for years and who's style would fit what I was wanting VERY well (I've seen some Grendel commissions he's done and some Batman pages that had the sort of art-deco-y cityscape background I'd like it to include)- I wrote him to ask if Kyle might consider working on a tattoo design and the answer was yes! He's up for the challenge and I'm thrilled to find a really talented person to work up a cool sleeve design. Check out some of Kyle's work here!

Grendel & Argent - sketch by Matt Wagner from my collection

More great Grendel art here - http://www.mattwagnerart.com in Dan Maull's collection

My Collection o' Grendel - http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryRoom.asp?GSub=2864

So hopefully soon I'll be back to Jinxproof....like I keep telling Susan (my wonderful tattoo artist!!) I have a lot of empty skin left...
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