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making the big time!

Got the November issue of ALTERNATIVE PRESS in the mail (couldn't pass up the offer of a sub for $5 at Warped) & was thrilled to see that they published two of my Tiger Army photos in there! Their photo editor had written me back in August asking for some great live shots (said he got my email addy from Epitath!) & I'd mailed him a CD and kept my fingers crossed, so its thrilling to see them in print, especially seeing as they used one as a full page intro to the article on Psychobilly!! That one was taken at the first of the two record release shows at the House of Blues in Hollywood back in July, the one on the table of contents page is from the Warped tour in Hershey, PA. Between this, the pic of Geoff Kresge in the curent BASS PLAYER mag and the shot in the new 12 Step Rebels CD booklet I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with my photography this month!!
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