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its a small small world here on lj....

So a few days back I happened to look at my LJ user info & spotted that the # of "also friend of" (i.e. people watching my page who weren't in the "mutual friends" list) had changed. I look for the unfamiliar name (since not a whole lotta people find my lj) & start wondering, who is this spyderbaby? And of course clicked to find out....

And low and behold, its my old buddy Steve who I'd fallen out of touch with a few years back. I dunno why I have such a bad habit of that, I guess its that I go thru bad phases of depression and stop talking to nearly everybody & sometimes never get back in touch. So I'm glad to not only have found him again but to find out that his life has really taken off - after all these years he's never given up on his music and now it is finally paying off big time! His band Spyder Baby (click link to check out website!!) is the first band signed to a new label being formed by industrial god Al Jourgenson of Ministry and he's working with Al & will be opening for him on the Ministry/RevCo 2006 tour - how is that for fucking amazing news??? I am sooo proud of Steve!!!

Hard to believe I met him almost 15 years ago - it was back in October of 1990 when I'd roadtripped up to Flint, Michigan to see Danzig on the Lucifuge tour... my friends and I were waiting in line outside the show, bored out of our mind listening to the friendly drunken skinhead who'd sort of attached himself to us (he kept trying to describe where he lived by holding up his hand & using it to simulate a map of Michigan - I badly wanted to knock him unconsious and tattoo the interstate map on it after he did this 4 or 5 times)...anyway we politely excused ourselves & crossed the street to buy a coke and ran into this Steve character & ended up hanging ot with him the rest of the night.... kept in touch and a few months later he came to visit on Greyhound (traveling with the cast of America'smost wanted) with guitar in hand : )

Since then we've had a ton of bizarre adventures....such as the time we went to see Marilyn Manson & Danzig in '95 in Norfolk except Manson cancelled because Twiggy had cut his hang open when he fell down some stairs and landed on a bottle of Jack daniels that broke open; still many dozen girls seemed to think Steve was Twiggy that night due to his dreads & kept bothering him for his autograph and wouldn't leave him alone so he finally ended up signing several dozen as "Icky Penis" just to try and get out to our car (and even when we stopped for gas at a convenience store 10 miles down the road he STILL got chicks looking for his autograph!).... and then there was the time a few days later when he got on the wrong tour bus and got arrested & we had to leave him in jail, but he made the best of it, took some amazing mugshots and later raved about the Mecklinburg County Intake Center's fried chicken... and then there was the time he actually auditioned for Marilyn Manson when they needed a guitarist after Daisy Berkowitz got the boot & he happened to be coming into New Orleans the same week my friends and I were on vacation there so we met him at the airport & brought him to the audition & ended up hanging out in Trent's studio all afternoon.

Anyway I couldn't resist sharing some classic photos.... I really need to find more, especially the ones of Steve & the passed out bum on the NYC subway and the 2nd one at the McDonalds in the village with another NYC bum or the ones of him under the giant neon fiberglass bull's balls at the infamous tourist trap SOUTH OF THE BORDER. (He was asleep when we drove there & somehow missed the 200 or so billboards leading up to it & understandably screamed when he woke up and saw SOTB!) True classics!

Steve, I am damn glad you found my LJ and that you are doing well!!! :) Can't wait to see you guys play & hopefully I can do some nice concert shots for ya! I am hoping your hard work will finally pay off big time!

In Detroit 1992 when I went up for the Motor City Comic Con -

in 1994 with Glenn Danzig -

in 1996 in New Orleans when he happened to be auditioning for the guitar vacancy in some little band called Marilyn Manson after Daisy Berkowitz got the boot....

in a cemetary in Metarie, LA -

with Trent Reznor at his studio, 1996 -

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