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End of Dark Romance!

Last night of the Tiger Army Dark Romance tour that started at the end of March...so glad I could be for the beginning and the end and many in between and I know I'll go into some withdrawal now that it is all over & I have to go home, just wish there were more shows but so happy I made it to 18 and tonight marked by 50th Tiger Army concert! Got some great photos I'll post when I get home, also took some of 800 Octane who are really nice guys & a fun band,relunctantly told everybody goodbye & I'll look forward to their next tour hopefully next spring following their yet to be recorded next album :)

Highlights - finally got to hear "Werecat" live - yay!! Also they played Outlaw Heart with a special guest - Donny from Social D's crew filling in on steel guitar just like he did every night on the Social D/TA tour last fall. They started with the old intro this time instead of the Ghost Tigers one & went into Nocturnal followed by Ghost fire - also played: Through the Darkness, Rose of the devil's Garden, Wander Alone, Valley of Dreams (again, yay!), Temptation, FTW, Never Die, True Romance, Fog Surrounds, Cupid's Victim...I am prolly missing a few. Encore was "Under Saturns Shadow" which IMHO was the perfect song to end the tour with (they'd done Annabel Lee the night before for the encore, a LOT of people were calling out for that, I was yelling as loud as I could for USS)

Great show, SO Glad I made it! Now to try & get a couple hours sleep before I leave for the airport & my 8 AM flight home!

Edit: added pix from this show here -
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