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1:38 AM in Youngstown

Sitting in a Quality Inn shaking my head over the parking lot full of juggalos racing the luggage carts up & down the parking lot. They is scary folks.

FINALLY got my bass today and it is AMAZING! Wish I'd had more than half an hour to caress it before loading up the car & driving out here for Warped tomorrow. It arrived in its own beautiful case lined in red velvet, the effect is somewhat like it has its own giant black coffin.

Anyway this one has a VERY special history. I bought it from Geoff Kresge, he of AFI and Tiger Army and now Horrorpops fame. He was thinking of selling it (having several basses and now playing guitar instead in Horrorpops) and thought it would have a good home with a Tiger Army fan & thought of me (being a rather mega completist collector). It's the bass he used the most in his years in the band - he used it on the 2002 Warped Tour and in the Incorporeal video & then had it repainted to its current state, its also the one he used to record the most recent TA album "Ghost Tigers Rise". Which just so happens to be one of my all time favorite albums & now i can listen to it & think "that's MY bass". And it is a thing of beauty - a custom King Doublebass "Sparkle King" painted to an amazing metal flake hot pink with shades of red & violet through it and a little spider hanging from one of the f holes & a pinstriped bat on the back as well as ivory & black trim, a rosewood fingerboard & chrome tailpiece. I am in complete awe and it was hard to break away from it! Now to try & learn how to play, if I can't make it sound good I have only myself to blame as I could never hope for a nicer bass!

Grabbed a few quick pix with my little camera as the D70 was already packed -

Here's how it looked before it was repainted -

In the "Incorporeal" video:

On Warped tour 2002:

Anyway way tired & early rise and long day tomorrow! Here's to happy dreams of my new pet instrument!
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