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Living Dead Girl....

That's sure how I feel right now - 3 big festivals in four days and back to work with little sleep - ulp! Ah well I'll crash as soon as I get home! It was worth it for a free ticket to Ozzfest tho it was a LONG day! We got there about 9:30 AM, unfortunatley too late to seeArch Enemy who Chris wanted to see (at least he got to meet them & get a CD signed by them as they did a signing) but caught Trivium (who we'd seen opening for Danzig a few months ago), then found shade for a few hours & watched Mastadon who were decent, then hid in the shade again & came back out for Rob Zombie! I braved it upfront, then into the 2nd song a mosh pit broke out & I was thrown forward right as a chick bailed out of the front and WHAM! There I was with a primo spot on the barricade with a great view for the rest of the show & I was in heaven! Cool to see John 5 from Manson playing for Zombie (and funny how he kept playing little bits of Freebird in between songs).

Rob talked some about his new movie "The Devil's Rejects" and was obviously thrilled with how well it was doing at the box office & said that it's already made back its costs so anything from here on out is pure profit. Then he tossed out some black promo DR beachballs because (in his words) "nothing goes with hardcore violence and pornography like a beachball" which easily became the best quote of the day.

Afterwards grabbed some food & hung around for the main stage acts as Chris is a HUGE Iron Maiden fan & wanted to see them again, and of course had to watch the Ozz man who at one point thought the crowd wasn't making enough racket so he mooned us all. About what I expect from the same Ozzy who pissed on the Alamo!

Fun day - too long and hot & sunny but I'll recover! Good thing I'm, not doing anything NEXT weekend!!
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