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A thunderstorm knocked out our DSL line last Tuesday night & Verizon won't be able to send anybody out to repair it until NEXT Thursday (August 4th) so net access is sporadic at best.... I can occasionally sneak on to another wireless network in the building that isn't locked down like mine is when one is on (like now, thank you whoever "AirBosko" is!) or I can take the laptop down the street to Panera Bread which has free wifi (and very good bagels I might add!) but otherwise I'm in withdrawal.... at least my "Essential Techniques for Acoustic Bass" DVDs arrived so I can try channel my energery elsewhere and see if I can teach myself to play!

Halloween is looking good - I got a pit ticket at the presale yesterday to see Danzig at Universal Amphitheater in LA on Saturday October 29 and I am hearing rumors that Bauhaus may reuinite again like they did for Cochella to play the Wilter on Oct 28-29-30 so it would be VERY Cool to see them on the nights around that if it happens!
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