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Sleeve coming soon!

Went down to Jinxproof yesterday & got an appointment for next Sunday to get started on my Grendel sleeve - yay!! Really looking forward to this, I've felt "unbalanced" with so much on my left arm & just a small piece on my right.

My room mates came along & Paula got a small piece done by Susan of two crossed Samurai swords (standing for her fav characters in an anime show she is obsessed with - Samurai Champloo) underneath the neat celtic knotwork piece Susan did for her last year.

Just found out that the Horrorpops are playing on Halloween at the Glasshouse in Pomona - since I'm already gonna be out there for Danzig on the 29th I'll stay a couple extra days as that would be a fun show for Halloween!!! Yay!
Tags: tattoos
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