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Fuck Verizon!

So our DSL stopped working July 26 - I assumed it had to do with the thunderstorm...I called them on the 27th & they said they'd send some body out to repair it August 4th, over a week later! I wasn't happy but WTF what else could I do so meanwhile I copped other people's wireless networks when I could get a strong enough signal in the apartment or I went down the street to Panera Bread who have free wifi (and good bagels).

So August 4th arrives & no sign of a repair person.... at 5 PM I Call them and ask "when the hell is he gonna get here?" & they are so COMPLETELEY clueless, can only tell me no one is coming, can't tell me when I could expect it to be repaired, mumble something about it having to be done at the "central switch" first and they couldn't tell me when it might be repaired and I totally LOST IT. I pretty much told them to go fuck themselves, cancelled my service & demanded a refund since I had to prepay for the month & damned if I'm going to pay for service that isn't working. And that took getting transferred to about 6 people & having to repeat the whole thing over & over, when asking for a refund the billing agent had the nerve to try andsuggest transferring me back to Tech support!

I still cannot believe that such a huge company is so clueless that they can't even give a customer a friggin' estimate of when their service might actually work!

And I REALLY laughed at them when they said "well you had service for so long (5 years) that you don't have to pay for the modem and I was like "what the FUCK I paid you $100 for that model in 2000!" and Mr Dipshit says "well our records don't go back that far". Now I have a completely useless $100 paperweight, I will put it up on ebay with a starting bid of a penny and take out my anger in writing a really nice description detailing how useless Verizon's custom (dis)service is, I might not get a dime back on it but other people will be able to read all about Verizon's fine custoner relations!

So then I called Comcast (the other evil monopoly that charges me $52 a month for basic cable and not even any movie channels) & ordered cable internet & they told me that if I could get down to their office by 8 PM I could buy a modem there & self install and get it up & running pronto so I drove down to Rockville & waited in a huge ass line for half an hour, forked out the $50 and got my modem & we had the fun of stringing cable wires across the living room ceiling (rather than have to move the desk & lots of bookcases over towards where the cable jack is in the dining room end of the living room/dining room combo) & after being on hold for another half an hour to activate I got that up and running directly into the computer but I still can't figure out how to get it to work thru the Linksys router so we can connect all the other computers on the wireless network so I'm hoping I can find some easy to understand directions over the web tonight so I won't have to pay the Geek Squad anbother $150 for a housecall. Waah!

At least I can connect. I was so fried and tired last night. Didn't even have a chance to open the nice electronic tuner I ordered for my bass. Hopefully tonight will be better.

At least found some good news today - its not a rumor that Bauhaus is touring again, Ticketmaster has two shows for New York city listed for November 11 & 12 going on sale next Friday - I'm gonna try & nab two for the Saturday show (maybe the Friday one too as that's a holiday - Veteran's day), man I am bleeding money on concert tickets with so many of my favs on thr road this fall!! (Danzig, NIN, Bauhaus, Horrorpops, Social D) - HA and here I thought I might stay home & save some $$ & pay down my credit card while Tiger Army wasn't touring!!!
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