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Hot Hot Hot!

It is just too fucking hot here in DC - yesterday it was like 95 degrees outside witha heat index of 105 - even with the AC cranked up it was still too hot & sticky in the apartment so Jree and I went up to target & bought a couple of fans, I put a big one next to my bed & poor old Spooky cat is scared of it & tried to hiss at it - he does this funny faux hiss where he makes a hissy face but no sound comes out, he did the same wIth my bass so I think he's afraid of anything that is bigger than he is (not too much since he is a humungous cat!)

So spent much of the weekend doing work & maintenance on my websites - I found a page with detailed instructions on how to write scripts so that people can't hotlink so that will help greatly with all the bandwidth theft I've been having...too many idiots linking my photos to their myspace pages, I could get the URLs from my site stats & it had become a pain to keep changing the file names & rewrite my html so this should help, of course now the little leeches will probably just steal them outright but at least I don't have to pay for their hosting.

At least I don't have to go anywhere today....

Cool link of the day - one of my favorite artists Linas Garsys has a new website - yay!!! www.linasgarsys.com - he's done lots of cool T shirt designs for bands like AFI, Tiger Army, Nerve Agents etc including the AFI Despair Faction design I got tattooed across my back - his page is still under construction but looking nice & way overdue!!
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