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Off again.....

Off again today for another adventure, leaving after work for BWI airport & flying back out to LA for the "Rockabilly Showdown" weekend as a ton of great Psychobilly bands will be playing at the Knitting Factory. Most excited about seeing the 1st US show for Zombie Ghost Train, Batmobile, Resurex (with Jeff & James from Tiger Army) and a one-time-only reunion show with Jeff's first band Cosmic Voodoo!!! With any luck I'll get some good photos to post!

Once again let's here it for Southwest Airlines & their uber cheap fares (quick tip - download their DING! program for extra low fares daily between selected city pairs - sometimes they are so cheap how can you resist! My ticket for this trip was only $166 round trip which is less than it would cost me in gas to drive to Atlanta & back these days! With the rising gas prices I don't think this will last long, there's a good chance next year I won't be able to afford to go anywhere so dammit I'm going to take advanatage of it while I can!) (And speaking of..... dangerous news for Liz, that Tiger Army is playing a free show in Salt Lake City at the University there in mid September...hmmm I do have two free round trip tickets from Southwest from racked up frequent flier miles I purposely saved for a short notice sort of thing.... Hmmm..... I've never been to Utah...)

And also got a ticket to go see the King Tut exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art. I'm very excited about that since seeing the other big King Tut show years ago was one of the high points of my childhood and I've always loved this period of Egyptian art (hence my studio name "Amarna Productions" from the style of art under the pharoahs Akhenaten and Tutankaten/amun). While it will be coming to Philly that won't be until 2007 (and I'll gladly go again!) so I'm thrilled to get to see it early!

On a somber note, it is depressing as hell to watch the post-Katrina footage out of New Orleans. I'm glad that anybody I knew who lived there has since moved out, but wondering what the hell will happen now. I love that city, I've visited a few times & had some amazing adventures and shot tons of gorgeous photos of the architecture and the famed cemetaries. Plus it conjures up so many great literary and cinematic memories.

This has got to be the biggest disaster in our lifetime in this country - in scope its going to dwarf 9-11 and I wonder what is going to happen to hundreds of thousands of displaced people who've probably lost everything.

While the historic/tourist parts were beautiful the majority of the city was run down, crime ridden and impoverished - who's going to pay to rebuild (especially with it needing massive toxic cleanup) and what will happen to all the previous inhabitants in the meanwhile?

Its easy to envision something like the depression happening again, the ripple effect will sporead to all of us... already gas is $3.09 a gallon in some places here and they are saying it could easily hit $4-5 a gallon. Pretty scary to contemplate, I'm already planning on cutting back on most driving & taking the bus more; boy am I grateful for my employer's Transhare program, free bus passes & an express bus to work! I don't know how people who HAVE to drive will manage! But its gonna affect everything... people will scrimp & cut back on many other things (movies, restaurants, frills) to pay basic expenses, other businesses will suffer, more people will be unemployed and so on. I'm braced for a future of diminished expectations and hope to hang on.

Better shut up before I get too bummed so I can have fun this weekend!
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