Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

Big City...small world (or "Weird in LA")

Sometimes I'm convinced there are only like 100 real people in the world & the rest are just extras or special effects or something,

Flew out to LA tonight & Amelia met me at the airport - on the way back to Kristin's we stopped at Swingers (a fav restaurant we've been to many times) for some dinner. On the drive from the airport we were talking about the crap in New Orleans & I mentioned how Straight Edge Mark had posted a great version of slanted journalism on the DF board with two nearly identical pix of looters except the one of the white kids said they'd "found" food while the black kids had "looted". She wistfully said she wished she'd had Mark's # so she could tell him we were in town & maybe hang out.... well guess who walks into Swingers and gets seated at the next table over! Mark and his friend Bianca! (he's a bit surprized to see us!)

Then even stranger... as we first got to Swingers & drove by, Amelia said she thought she saw Davey & Jade in the booth near the door... we parked the car & walked in, I glanced over & they weren't there, there were a couple of girls sitting at that booth. Thought nothing of it, until we went to leave (we'd been sitting in the back of the restaurant this whole while) and as we are walking out I notice that Adam, Jade and Davey are in that first booth by the door (where they had NOT been when we'd arrived about a half hour earlier)

How weird is that...cue twilight zone music!
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