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The Rezurex on Saturday night!

More pix from the Rockabilly Showdown, this time of The Rezurex, a really great SoCal psychobilly band that is practically an "all star" lineup at this point with Jeff Roffredo of Tiger Army & Cosmic Voodoo on bass, Wasted James Meza who's also in TA AND Nekromantix (and CV!) on drums and Troy Russel on guitar who also plays guitar for Nekromantix! (Is this the most incestuous little group of bands or what??) I've heard that vocalist Daniel DeLeon is also (or was?) in 45 Grave....

But they are a great band, they only have one EP out so far, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy at a Tiger Army show & look forward to more from them!

Webpage in progress with lots more pix etc here - www.psychotica.net/rezurex/

And these are for everpinkus

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