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first US show for ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN & special Cosmic Voodoo reunion!

So Friday evening Amelia & I headed over to the Knitting Factory for the first night of the Hollywood Rockabilly Showdown, a huge 3 day fest of psychobilly & rockabilly bands. And the first person we ran into outside as we arrived was Jeff Roffredo who was taking part in a one time only reunion show of his first band Cosmic Voodoo who hadn't played together since 1997! So it was quite a treat to get to see them; they are releasing a CD of their material very soon, it was supposed to be out for this show but unfortunately got delayed but I did get a snazzy Cosmic Voodoo T shirt!! And surprize surprize, not only was Jeff in CV but James Meza was playing drums for them as well! I swear he's the Dave Grohl of psychobilly! (As if playing for Tiger Army, Nekromantix and The Resurex isn't enough!!

Here's Jeff in CV - (more pix below)

And at 11 PM (after a great set by Levi Dexter) it was time for Zombie Ghost Train to hit the stage. This 3 piece hails from Australia and it was their first ever US show. I already really enjoyed their debut EP "Monster Formal Wear" and first album "Glad Rags & Body Bags" that came out this summer and was thrilled to get a chance to hear them. I'd first learned about them from the Australians on my Ghost Tigers message board & then they toured with Tiger Army when TA went down under and I'm so glad they've made it to the US! ZGT consists of Stu Arkoff on vocals and guitar, Aaron "Captain Reckless" Mol on upright bass and Azza T. on drums and they were FANTASTIC!!!! I can't say enough good things about these guys!

Stu Arkoff -

Click the LJ cut below for more pix, I also have tons more up on my web page at



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