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new addition to the Zulli gallery....."Death and the Windy Day"

I frequently cruise the comicartfans.com site & couldn't help but notice that this lovely painting was available & now am happy to add it to my Michael Zulli collection! He's possibly best known for his work on Neil Gaiman's Sandman so its nice to get a portrait of Dream's sister Death from Sandman. She's always been one of my favorite comic characters - I guess I always thought the idea of a cute little perky goth chick coming to meet you & escort you to the Netherworld to be one of the more appealing ways to look at Death.

"You got what anybody gets. You got a lifetime.. "

Many thanks to Dan Maull who has amazing taste in comic art & has pretty much cornered the market on Grendel art - his jawdropping collection here: www.mattwagnerart.com
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