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How not to start a day....

Drive to work (instead of taking the bus) so I can leave early. Get to work & park, decide to move over a spot & find the car won't start. Spent the next hour and a half calling AAA and then dealing with the hassle of NIH's security as the tow truck is only allowed to enter on the other side of campus which would be a good half hour walk & so I have to find somebody to drive me there so I can show my ID to the guards & let them in.

They get my car started & I spend the next two hours at Sears getting a new battery & oil change (since it was almost time for one anyway), out $140 I hadn't really budgeted for.

At things things got better from there,waiting at the post office for me was my new Zulli Death painting, now I'll be off to Philly shortly for ZGT tonight!!
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