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Midnight Monster Hop at the coolest little tiki bar in MadManhatten!

So Saturday morning we left our hotel & Philly & trekked northward, stopping at the BEST diner in New Jersey (Mastoris in Bordentown) for lunch & checked into our hotel near Newark airport (only a few miles out of NYC & waaaay cheaper!) Got stuck in mondo traffic going into the Holland Tunnel but still made it early to the "Midnight Monster Hop" at Otto's Shrunken Head on East 14th Street which is just the *coolest* place - an honest to gawd tiki bar very lovingly decorated from thatched straw & bamboo covering the walls to the pufferfish lights over the bar. Give the room and half the chance I would SO decorate like that, I've always wanted a tiki bar & I don't even drink! (and yes they have little umbrellas for their drinks in wonderfully sculpted mugs!)

Promotor Mike Decay came over & introduced himself which was really nice (I think he's seen some of my posts on the psychobilly-online board) & gave me a free promo CD for Deja Voodoo who will be playing there in a few weeks. I met a guy named Nick who was wearing a Zombie Ghost Train logo T shirt & had to go over & ask him where he'd gotten it since they aren't selling that one on this tour and I don't know anywhere to get them online & it turned out he was from Sydney on vacation to the States & flew from Chicago to NYC when he heard ZGT were in town as he was a big fan who'd seen them many times back home!

First up were Sasquatch & the Sick-O-Billies who got a great response from the audience - they had quite a few fans there, from the sounds of it they've been having a lot of fun taking ZGT on tour for a few shows & partying hard with them, met them briefly after the show & they are all really nice.

Then the Zombies took the stage, by this point it was REALLY packed & it was cool seeing them in a place so tiny, the room they played in was literally the size of my living room, the stage was about 4 inches off the ground & they barely fit on it but the show was great & they were obviously having a blast! They did a few I don't remember hearing at the other shows like "Gone" and "Buried with the King" and a cover of Hank William's "Ramblin' Man" & in honor of two guys wearing Meteors shirts in the audience they launched into a Meteors cover (name escapes me right now - sorry!)

Afterwards we hung out talking to them til about 3:30 AM (made it back to our hotel about 4 AM!) - I am *so* gonna miss these guys, they are easily 3 of the nicest guys I have EVER met and are all so sweet (cute too!!) At least they are definitely planning another tour of the states sometime next year as they've been having fun (and really enjoying american food!), I told them I'd be more than happy to give them a place to crash if they played DC or Baltimore & take them siteseeing (turns out Stu is a huge John Waters fan & wants to see the locations from his films!) They are just sorry that they haven't had ore time to go site seeing this time around. They are looking forward to going home tho - they have plans to go straight from the airport to a bar they know that is open 23 hours a day (they close for an hour to clean) & play a 9 AM show upon their arrival for whoever shows up! What crazies, ya gotta love them! And they give good hugs :)

More pix....

Sasquatch & the Sick-O-Billies -

Zombie Ghost Train -

and remember

"they're not shrimp, they're PRAWNS"
- Captain Reckless
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