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The Mind says yes but the body says NO!

I SHOULD be at the 9:30 club right now waiting to see Hansel Und Gretyl followed by Thrill Kill Kult and Ministry but unfortunatelty I'm sitting here at the comp instead.

I went to bed early last night as I was pretty exhausted after flying back from Providence but woke up at 4 AM having an asthma attack... got up & did some breathing treatments on my nebulizer til about 7:30 am, called in sick and managed to crawl back into bed for a few hours and get some more sleep. Unfortunately my breathing is still very labored & I am terrified that if I ventured out tonight, especially into a smokey club that I'd end up in the emergency room.

I'm depressed as hell as I love all three bands very much, especally Ministry who are easily in my top ten of all time category. At least I've seen them all before many times and I'm sure they'll be back and it could have been much worse, I could be sick and needing to fly somewhere & eating a $$ plane ticket instead of $60 worth of tickets (Judy doesn't want to go alone, I offered the tix to my friend Chris free but he has no way to get down here as he hasn't gotten his "new" used car inspected & registered yet).

Damn my crappy ass lungs. I've been feeling great for months & all the working out I've done this year has strengthened my breathing a lot but still when it hits it hits. I *ALWAYS* get sick when there are big changes in the weather tho and right now mother nature is at that "can't make up its mind" stage being chilly one day & warm the next and its kinda damp so I have no doubts thats what is causing it. Just need a good hard frost and I'll feel much better.
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