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Saturday night at the Ottobar!

Some more Horrorpops pix from the show Saturday at the Ottobar!

Had a blast, the show was even better than the one in Richmond because the audience was so much more responsive (especially during the opening bands)

Finally got to meet Patricia & she had some good news for me, she told me that they are using one of my photos from Warped of her, Kamilla & Naomi and it will be in the next issue of BASS PLAYER mag - yay!!! They also enjoyed the prints I brought of the ones I took Friday night (Neidermeier might have been a teensy bit disappointed we didn't have more cookies LOL!)

Update: I had to remove my Horrorpops pix from photobucket due to people hotlinking to them but you can view them for now on my page, I had to write scripts to disable links to my site so I can't even link directly to them!

Tags: concert photos, horrorpops
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