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website work....

Finally got a bunch of the pix from the Baltimore Horrorpops show up on my site here:


Also got a cool thing in the works for my Ghosttigers site - I found out that artist James Rowe was taking a few commissions to help fund his tattoo apprenticeship so he's going to do me a neat cartoon style drawing of Tiger Army for the opening splash page. I absolutely love his style and can't wait to see what he comes up with! He's done a lot of album cover & T shirts for the Horrorpops, Nekromantix, Calavera, Mister Monster, The Misfits, Undead etc - check out his work here:

On the home front, poor Paula took a BAD fall yesterday - while getting off the metrobus coming home she stepped wrong & went down with a crack and a scream, I rushed her to the urgent care clinic & after a long wait they finally x-rayed her leg & she's got a fracture on one of her ankle bones. They put it in an air cast & gave her some heavy duty painkillers & now she has to get in touch with her primary care physician to get a referral to an orthapedic specialist to get a real cast and as her doctor's office was closed today she's just sitting around the house waiting - don't you just love insurance companies, sigh!! Hopefully she'll be able to get it looked at tomorrow.
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