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bummer of a morning : (

I should be part way to New Jersey by now to catch the Horrorpops doing a 1 PM matinee at the Bloomfield Cafe, but mother nature says differently. There's a tropical storm sitting on us & we are getting torential rain (some local roads are flooded out) - I left here about 6 AM & headed off down I270 and within half an hour I realized there was no way I would be able to make it up there esp as I couldn't go over 40 miles an hour with such poor visability (and whiteout conditions anytime somebody passed me)

I am majorly bummed but figure its not worth pushing myself into something potentially unsafe & I'm not really up for driving 250 miles up & another 250 back today in bad road conditions. At least I caught them twice last weekend & I'll see them again on Halloween out in Pomona (and I can give them all the prints of the Baltimore photos & the image CDs I made for everybody then)

Til then its back to bed for me, I need the rest anyhow, jeez I've been gone 5 of the last 6 weekends anyway!
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