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Mother Nature hates me......

A week and a half ago I missed seeing the Horrorpops in NJ because the rain was so heavy I ditched my road trip after hydroplaning all over 270.... Now it looks like a major hurricane (Wilma) is aimed right at Florida and I am really worried about the Danzig show on Saturday getting cancelled since its an outdoor venue.... it's the same place where last October I saw Social Distortion do an impromtu acoustic singalong set after the PA system got knocked out by a sudden thunderstorm.

I will be so fucking depressed if Danzig gets cancelled :( If it does tho I hope they give us some warning so I don't fly down there first - I probably can' get a refund on the plane ticket (unless the airline cancels it dueto the weather) but I could always use a credit towards future Southwest flights.

Tonight at least should be good, going to see Chris Isaak at the 9:30 club, I was so impressed when I saw him perform there last December, he has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. And Friday I'm going up to Baltimore to see Alkaline Trio & My Chemical Romance - jeez I had no idea those tix were so hotly contested, I just saw a pair of them on ebay that closed at $355!!!

Went out shopping last night - have been scarfing up cool Halloween stuff everywhere as many places have marked it down - at The Great Indoors I found a really cool pair of candlestick holders that are sculpted crows sitting on a stone looking ball...they are really crying out to be converted into awesome bookends tho. Lots of goodies at Target including various plates & glasses and spderweb candles for aforementioned candlestick holders... plus thanks to Hot Topic I end up getting new sheets every year as they had some cute new black & purple Nightmare Before Christmas sheets with Jack Skellington on them :) I need to find the Corpse Bride pillowcase tho!
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