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damn asthma again!

Its been a rough week, first my trip to Florida & one of my last 2 chances to see Danzig cancelled, then my room mate Judy borrowed my laptop & was web surfing while drinking & spilled stuff on it & fried the motherboard - thankfully I had a 3 yr warranty & somebody is coming from Dell tomorrow to replace it but I'm freaking a bit because I hadn't backed up my latest Horrorpops & Zombie Ghost Train photos to my external backup hard drive and I hope the internal hard drive is OK... Meanwhile Paula bought herself a nice Sony Vaio laptop so if for any reason mine isn't fixed yet I can at least borrow hers for my trip which is cool. Poor Jree was really apologetic & afraid to even tell me what happened, I'm just really glad I sprung for the long warranty!

Then I got REALLY sick with my asthma, started during the weekend, went to use my nebulizer but it didn't work so Monday I called them to write a prescription so I could pick up another so I got that yesterday & ended up doing breathing treatments pretty much every hour but it just got worse... sometimes I hate dealing with HMOs - at 1 AM I called Kaiser to see if they could see me - turns out they closed down their urgent care clinic open late at night that was only 10 miles away in Kensington & they wanted me to drive to one of two centers that were each about 30-40 miles away (Fair Oaks, VA or Camp Springs, MD)- I told them there was no way I could drive there, esp in the heavy rain, I was afraid if I couldn't breathe I might loose control of the car... and I was afraid if I called 911 I'd end up fighting with the HMO & have to pay for an ambulance/emergency room visit so I had to rough it out & wait til 8 AM this morning, by then I was in pretty bad shape but managed to drive to Germantown to see my regular Dr. - it took them about 4 hours of breathing treatments & some shots of solymedral (sp?) to stabilize me (the shot gave me a bad reaction too as my muscles all stiffened up & I was in a lot of pain, I've NEVER had an injection do that to me - like I always joke at the nurses when they see all my tattoos "you can see I'm certainly not afraid of needles")

So now I'm back on prednizone, antibiotics & a ton of other stuff (atrevent & albuterol for the nebulizer plus the "usual" daily meds singular, serevent & flovent) but I'm basically OK now, just really beat, hope I'll be OK for this weekend! Reminds me of the bronchitis attacks I went thru about this time last year... so last year I missed Ministry & tonight I'm missing Social Distortion - bleeh....

On top of all the other cool stuff going on out in LA this weekend I also just found out about THIS on Saturday afternoon down on Wilshire - its a parade!! The World's longest procession of vintage hearses and the guest of honor leading the parade is Maila Nurmi herself - VAMPIRA!!!!

On the website it says:

"The California Funeral Car Consortium is pleased to announce a rare public personal appearance by Vampira, Los Angeles' original horror hostess, at the World's Longest Hearse Procession.

Maila Nurmi, AKA Vampira, was a television icon in late 1950's Los Angeles television, spawning dozens of imitators and ushering in the goth look decades before it became fashionable.

Vampira will be riding in the lead car at the head of the procession, followed by the latest count of hearses which totals 81 as of today.

Vampira will be signing vintage photographs of herself, most notably in the hearse that she and auteur director Ed Wood used to promote the release of the legendary "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

Don't miss this rare appearance by one of Los Angeles' most beloved icons"

I guess I gotta swing by on my way to the Danzig show!!! Is this gonna be a great Halloween or what?????
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