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Burning from the Inside

Bauhaus at the Wiltern in LA 10-8-05 - wowza!!

Got in line early, met some cool folks who were long time fans & we reminsced about lots of shows "back in the old days". Got a wristband for the pit & got a great spot in the front right in front of Danny ash who is always fun to watch. After no opening band but a long wait with some classical music playing Bauhaus took the stage. They sounded great but unfortunately Peter isn't aging so well - he's suffering from the problem when many men start loosing the hair on top & growing it elsewhere...me thinks if he wants to grow something somebody should get him a chia pet...the facial hair just doesn't work on him IMHO, he ends up looking like somebody's dad (or is that the grand daddy of gawth?). David J looks totally ageless, he must have sold his soul a long time back & gotten a heckuva deal.

Great setlist of much of their best material -

Burning From The Inside
In The Flat Field
God in an Alcove
In Fear of Fear
Swing the Heartache
She's In Parties
The Passion of Lovers
Silent Hedges
Kick In the Eye
Hollow Hills
Rose Garden Funeral of Sores
Stigmata Martyr
Hair of the Dog
Dark Entries

1st encore)
Slice of Life
Telegram Sam
Ziggy Stardust

2nd encore) Bela Lugosi's Dead

Slice of Life was especially great with Danny doing the vocals & David J on backup so it was almost like a brief "Love and Rockets" bit.

And afterwards so great to run into Nick 13 & Davey Havok briefly in the lobby and say hi them, or rather I talked to Nick a bit and waved at Davey who was lurking behind Nick & grinning & waving (he's a strange one!)

Then met up with Mary who gave me a ride over to the Rainbow on Sunset where Amelia was celebrating her birthday - she'd gone all out & gotten her hair & makeup done & looked really great & had a big group of friends meet up there for some partying - I took lots of pix of everybody but ended up having to leave a bit early as I got really sick since it was on the closed in patio & a lot of people were smoking but Mary was nice enough to give me a ride back to the hotel.

some pix from earlier in the day while we were loose in Hollywood -

Amelia gets a makeup at the MAC store, the artist did a really nice job onher makeup & watching him gave me lots of ideas (dangerous at the MAC store...) - esp like the glitter eyeliner he used around the lower eyelids

Ready for her birthday -

at the party -
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