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Danzig @ Gibson Amphitheater - October 29 2005

So early Saturday morning I got a call from my buddy Maurice a/k/a Devilman138 who runs THE best (semi official)Danzig site, the 7th House - he's got great news in that he's got a photo pass for the night's show but needs to find a camera ASAP as he needs one that he can use without a flash (as Glenn specifically prohibited flash) - what can I recommend as he's on his way to Best Buy... "Dude", I say, "just stop by and you can borrow mine" and explain I've brought along my pro quality setup for the upcoming Horrorpops show & he's more than willing to borrow it. So he swings by & I give him a quick primer on how to use it & show him the lenses & compact flash cards and will provide "onsite support" since I intend to be right on the rail the whole night :)

A bit later Amelia dropped me off at Universal City Walk & I got in line for the show bright & early tho there were already a couple other folks ahead of me. Mary (ancient) came by soon after & we had a good afternoon gabbing & were joined by Troy Oliver, Oblivia, Dave Nekro & some others from the 7th house board. Took forever to get in & get wristbands but we got prime spots on the rail slightly to the right of center somewhere in between Glenn & Jerry Montana's spots :)

Scumlove opened to a small crowd, they were pretty decent (Scummy is a frequent poster on the 7th House board) & I got a neat red & black long sleeved T shirt he threw out to the crowd (which a guy to my left caught but decided he didn't want). After them came Anselmo who are monsterously huge & loud but made a good noise :) Next up was Mortiis who I really enjoyed, I had never heard them before & didn't know what to expect, I thought from the looks they'd be a dark metal band but they were a lot more industrial/Nine Inch Nails sorta sounding so I bought both of the CDs they had for sale at the show. HIMSA was next - voicals too screamy for my taste but they had a lot of energy & a charismatic frontman. They were followed by Behemoth who definitely are a dark metal band in that "we like to dress in Cradle of Filth's wardrobe" kinda way and have that Metallica swing the hair like fast windfmill thing in unison going on - not my cuppa tea musically but certainly fun to watch (I need to pick up their upcoming EP just so I can hear their cover version's of Danzig's "Until You Call on the Dark" and the Nefilim's "Penetration"). Last up were Chimaira who IMHO were completely mediocre and sucked the life out of the room,. it was hard to keep awake during their set and I think they were also angry by the crowd's lack of response & ended their set by dumping a large barrel of trash on the stage. Charming. 6 opening acts was really a lot to stand through - I was grateful to have friends to hold my coveted rail spot in order to make a few bathroom breaks but it was a LONG night, at least when Danzig took the stage I got that old adrenaline rush to wake me up.

And they were in good form with Glenn's voice sounding better than it has in years - the new guitarist did a good job (sigh...more turnover tho I'm used to it by now, seems inevntiable in my favorite bands, kinda miss Tommy Victor now) Maurice got lots of great photos, he'll be posting them on his site as soon as he gets approval from the man himself (wouldn't want to piss him off...) He got pix of all the bands & would come over for some technical help in between sets that I was glad to help with - some of the openers had rather dim lighting but at least the onstage lighting for Danzig was great & he got some really good ones. Man I love my D70! Glenn came over to where the bunch of us were quite a lot & leaned way off the stage and grabbed my hand twice, hope he got a glimpse of the new Danzig tattoo in progress on that arm :) And during the encore of "Brand New God" he flashed me a huge smile just like in the old days... I guess he remembers who I am this time...

Setlist -

Wontans Procession
Skin Carver
Satan's Child
I Luciferi
Circle of Snakes
1000 Devils Reign
How The Gods Kill
Not Of This World
Going Down To Die
Her Black Wings

Doyle then joined for a Misfits set -
20 Eyes
Astro Zombies
Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?
Earth A.D.
Last Caress
We Are 138

then Doyle went off, just Danzig again -
Bringer Of Death
Twist Of Cain

Encore W/Doyle again -
Brand New God (Yep with Doyle, Glenn made a comment about how he wanted to play it & "learned it special")
Die, Die My Darling (Introduced this is a song about killing your girlfriend")

Then the weirdest moment. They went offstage & the audience refused to believe it was over. A large contingent started singing the Misfits' song "Halloween" feeling it SHOULD be next. And then the house lights came on & everybody screamed because they didn't want it to end & didn't want to admit it was over...and it just felt so weird and unfinished, like something major left unsaid. I know everybody hoped that it being the last show of the last tour (so so possibly they were afraid the last Danzig show ever) that they should do something special so it was a bit of a let down that it was just like any other show and not something extroidinary. I can only hope it means its NOT the last show.

I know Glenn has said it was his last tour & that he's tired of touring & the whole spending 22 hours on a bus in return for performing one show, but I hope its not his last peformance, I'd definitely travel back out for more any chance I got....
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