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NIN in Philly at the Wachovia Spectrum

Ropad tripped on up to Philly yesterday with Judy & got there early this time so were able to go in and watch the soundcheck with the Spiral folks (so this time i got to see the soundcheck of Dead Souls instead of just hearing it from outside like in DC!!) Gotta say their fan club is very well run & even tho there are a TON of people they handle things efficiently & I think its cool as fuck that NIN allows the fans to watch them soundcheck. Trent made a comment about how that made it harder than the show as they all felt "exposed and naked". Nice also to be able to wait inside and sit down & have access to the bathrooms for the next few hours rather than wait outside... a class act those NIN folks!

Fun show, they let in little non pro cameras so I got some pix as I had a great spot on the barrier right in front of Jeordie next to two very nice girls who'd come all the way from Denmark & were traveling show to show - they'd seen 36 so far this year & over400 NIN shows so far which is pretty amazing - makes me feel not quiet so crazy LOL!

Afraid the pix aren't great shots as they are just from my little Coolpix digi (my D70 has me so spoiled in terms of resolution & sharpness) but at least some cool souvenirs
of the night -

Queens of the Stone Age -

Death from Above 1979-

Some cool tattoos on some of the folks in the Spiral fan club -

Soundcheck Setlist
01 - dead souls
02 - the frail
03 - the wretched
04 - deep
05 - wish

Concert Setlist
01 - pinion
02 - love is not enough
03 - you know what you are?
04 - terrible lie
05 - the line begins to blur
06 - march of the pigs
07 - something i can never have
08 - the frail
09 - the wretched
10 - closer
11 - burn
12 - gave up
13 - eraser
14 - right where it belongs
15 - beside you in time
16 - the collector
17 - wish
18 - only
19 - even deeper
20 - dead souls
21 - suck
22 - hurt
23 - the hand that feeds
24 - head like a hole
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