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quick trip to NYC

Saturday drove up to NJ & met up with my friend Myke Hideous & we headed into NYC to the Nokia Theater & caught Bauhaus. Show this time was a bit disappointing compared to the one I saw in LA 2 weeks ago, wondering if Peter Murphy was sick or a bit burned out on the tour, he seemed very stiff & wooden & hardly moving at all & just not into it & the set seemed a bit shorter, they didn't even do "Bela" which they'd done fairly early in the set in LA and only one encoure (Double Dare) & then the lights came on & the audience seemed pretty shocked that was all... Highlight of the show was easily when Danny Ash sang for "Slice of Life" and the crowd went nuts & I walked out wishing for a Love and Rockets reunion (or man what I wouldn't do to see Tones on Tails!!)

Also ran into Tim Taylor & Eddie Enzyme and it was GREAT to see them - used to hang out with them a lot way back (about 15 years ago) when they were in The Undead with former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele & it had been a few years since I'd seen either of them as we'd lost touch - Tim has gotten remarried (I used to know his former wife Dawn as she was best friends with my friend Severina) and had another daughter with his new wife so now he's got two little girls he's very proud of :) Eddie has just done a new album with another familiar face from that circle, Mike Morance (who I used to see all the time when Eerie Von & his blues band Bighouse would play at Connections up in Clifton NJ after Eerie quit Danzig) so glad they are still doing music :)

Afterwards crashed at Myke's pad - ever since I met him he'd been telling me i had to come visit so I could see his stuff & boy was he right!!! He's gotta be one of the few folks I've met with as much if not more cool weird stuff as we have here (he's got a huge loft type apartment so he's thankfully got more room!) And I got to see his artwork & was frankly kinda blown away by his sculptures and paintings, I've always know he was a really good musician/vocalist but I had no idea he was such a talented visual artist as well! Guy seriously needs to be in a gallery somewhere, he does these amazing sculptures that are shadow boxes of found objects & lots of bones, remind me of somewhere in between Josef Cornell & Dave McKean's work... also some of his paintings are a lot like Salvador Dali or Max Ernst.

And got to meet the kities & the infamous "Roly Poly" that my friend Kristen kept telling me about (she used to be Myke's next door neighbor). He has got to be THE biggest cat I have ever seen (and I thought my Spooky was a big boy!) he's a total sweetie purr factory tho & made me feel welcome & curled up on my feet all night when I slept (probably knowing I missed my kitty & needed a surrogate cat!!)

Anyway had a really good time and was so relieved I was able to make it after the bad scare with my asthma Friday night!

Roly Poly -

Tried to get a pic of Myke holding Roly Poly but RP wasn't having it but here is Myke & Booka -

and Booka solo -

check out Myke's music!!!

Empire Hideous

Bronx Casket Company

Spy Society 99
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