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stop her before she shops again....

eBay really is my downfall.... Anyway I got tired of my el cheapo Totes luggage ($15 at an outlet mall last year) threatening to fall apart on me every time I fly as they gather more more holes and wear around the edges and decided I didn't want to chance any possible suitcase explosion on my next trip so comsidering how much I fly it was time to buy something a little sturdier (tho not as sturdier as my giant red behemoth hardside which will go over the 50 lb weight limit if you put more than 2 T shirts in it so I am trying to avoid any further surcharges).

And since everybody and their uncle owns the same black suitcase I was determined to get something that stood out & would be easy to spot on the baggage go round and fell in love with this set I got for a fraction of the retail list price.... hot pink with black patent trim, ya gotta love it :)
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