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lightning strikes twice...

A week ago I bought a painting by Simon Bisley after coveting his work for 15 years... and then like sometimes happens, you get something & it calls its friends...and it's hard to believe but now I have two paintings by Biz!

I didn't really intend to go out on a limb and buy another, especially so soon as I was already kinda broke but then on Tuesday I ran into somebody on the ComicArt-L mailing list selling a piece I couldn't possibly refuse - it is a very detailed preliminary painting for the cover to Danzig's "Danzig 6:66 - Satan's Child" album and is the image that they actually used on the CD itself. An (admittedly very stylized) portrait of Glenn Danzig by Bisley - I'd have kicked myself for years to come if I'd missed it!! Its always extra special when something bridges multiple collections =)

It doesn't get any cooler than this! I'm a very happy camper right now! (and no more presents for Liz anytime soon....)

The Finished album cover this is a study for -

The actual CD using the painting I just bought -

Bigger scan -

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