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this is getting really old....

3 Strikes in a little more than three weeks, had another rough night with my asthma & head into the Urgent care center 1st thing this this morning for another round with the Doctor - this time they did some chest x rays so at least that ruled out pnuemonia or something majorly serious which is a bit of a relief but I'm back on the damn prednisone for another week & feeling pretty wiped out.

But since I'd promised Judy & Paula I'd drive them down to the Anime USA convention near Tyson's Corner, VA I took them down after I finished at the Drs & they got me in & I did a quick spin thru the dealer's room & then kinda crashed out in the lobby. The dealer's room was rather a disappointment as 90% of everything for sale was from the same few recent shows (Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, and Naruto) with almost nothing from older shows, no cells and no resin kits.

Saw a lot of scary cosplay people & one stunningly beautiful Japanese woman in an extravagantly lovely purple and black gothic number who was nice enough to pose for some pix:

And she turned out to be one of their guests of honor, Yaya Han

Here web page here:

The art show had some cute prints by a woman named Sarah Clemens in a series of a Maine coon cat & a little dragon - the cat looked a LOT like my Spooky & they were pretty damned adorable but I had to resist...

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