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low key Holiday

Had a nice low key Thanksgiving, it was just nice to have the day off work and sleep in. Judy and Paula cooked up a ton of great food (being unable to do more than make toast & microwave I contribute in the checkbook and Visa card department). We had a huge roast turkey (with breasts like a porn star!), mashed potatos, stuffing, gravy, glazed carrots, green beans in creamy mushroom sauce, rolls, mince and cherry pies & chocolate cake & ice cream...yumm! Good old fashioned comfort food :)

And back to the diet today!!!! Gawd I feel so bloated after being on all this prednisone for the last month+, at least will be finished in 2 days & hopefully still breathing OK.... been OK the last week, better idea to taper me off slowly this time instead of all at once like last time.

Had to work Friday but wasn't so bad as nobody was in & Dr Hyde is teaching me how to program in Filemaker Pro which will be a useful job asset, meanwhile got my tix to see Tiger Army in Anaheim on Feb 2nd & 3rd, I'm sure I'll be stir crazy by then & itchy for a trip and SoCal will seem REALLY nice in early February when it will be nasty and cold and possibly snowy here in DC. Not much to look forward to in the meanwhile aside from the John Water Xmas show.

Saw the new Harry Potter yesterday & enjoyed it a lot, love how they get progresively darker & creepier, Alan Rickman rules! Still want to see the new Johnny Cash biopic "Walk the Line" while it is in the theaters.

My really great weekend deal on ebay - these New Rock shoe height boots for only $39 - they retail for something like $300+++ I love New Rocks, they are the most amazing boots, really well made & very comfortable & cool as hell looking, too bad they are so damn expensive but I've been lucky in finding only slightly used ones way cheap on ebay, I just keep searching for any in my size, there seem to be alot of folks who buy 'em and only wear them once or twice... (these are my 5th pair BTW!)

I am seriously coveting these new style ones in metallic purple with a cobweb design though, I just haven't been able to find them in my size yet (and they are pricey...sigh!)

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