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kitten rescue!

There has been a very pretty little black and white teenaged tuxedo cat running around our apartment complex parking lot the last few weeks hiding under cars & doing a lot of yowling and crying at night. We felt really bad for her & figured either she's been dumped or has a questionable home where they aren't taking very good care of her since if they leave her running loose she's likely to get killed by a car. Some of the other neighbors have been worried too- the other day a woman came to my door holding her asking me if she was my cat or if I'd want her since she couldn't find where she belonged.

Since we already have Spooky & Rissa and can't have any more in our apartment we asked our friend Beth if she'd be interested in a rescue - Beth has a large Victorian house & a dozen or so happy & spoiled cats and a big heart. Beth had recently lost her little Dominic and so she had room for another so this morning when Judy heard the little black kitty crying in the parking lot she scooped her up & now she's in Judy's bathroom and we'll get her a vet exam and some shots & then spirit her away to a happy home in Pennsylvania. And Rissa is wondering WTF is yowling on the other side of the door!

I only wish I could do this for every homeless or neglected kitty!

And here she is...

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