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update.... not a whole lot going on.....

Late last Thursday night I got sick again with another asthma attack, couldn't breathe well enough to sleep so I stayed up all night & went to the doctor's office as soon as they opened in the morning and they put me back on the prednisone considering the asthma returned a day after the last course of treatment ran out. So now on a large doze for 12 days tapering down, then a smaller maintenance dose for a month after that in the hopes it will take care of things. Still feeling very very tired & weak, not happy at all, I am so damn sick of this :(

Drove up to Pennsylvania on Saturday & delivered the little kitty to Beth who just loves her. It was so hard to give the little girl up as she is such a sweetie but I know she'll be loved & well taken care of, just wish we had room for more cats. Nice to visit Beth & all her kitties & we went to the chinese buffet for a late lunch :)

Rissa was a little put out being blocked out of "her" room and is much happier now that things are back to normal. I don't think Spooky ever noticed there was another cat in there, he just went mental when he realized there was a plate of CAT FOOD!!!!! on the floor in Judy's bedroom that he was prevented from reaching & he made a mad dash to it & started wolfing it down & when I picked him up away from the bowl he did his best impression of a miniature siberian tiger on the warpath.... Didn't seem to matter to him there were two more identical plates of kibble in the kitchen - poor cat is obsessed with food (no wonder he weighs 20 lbs!)

I have some very cute new pix of Riss and Spooky but have to download 'em from the CF card, been too lazy & fell asleep at 9 PM last night.... zzzzzzzzz
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