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yesterday at Jinx Proof :)

Pix from yesterday, got a bit more work done on my sleeve - unfortunately I wasn't able to get the shading done on the roses yet because the red areas are taking forever to heal up... I seem to be having some reaction to the red ink - when it heals I get a THICK layer of skin growing over it that makes it look cloudy, it will eventually flake off but it takes it's sweet time... so those have to wait but I got the snakes wrapped around the Danzig skull colored in...

and Paula got the Creature colored - he looks fucking AMAZING!!!! Susan really outdid herself on the Creech! Next up he'll get a bit of background around him like some swamp grasses in the water he's swimming in.

my snakes... please xcuse the bleeding! you can kinda see what I mean about the cloudy look to the red roses, I can't wait until that is all healed!! It's frustrating that it is taking so long - the prednisone I am taking may be to blame as Susan said that steroids can screw up the healing process :(

and Paula's creature -

Next tattoo planned is this "Devil's Rose" design by Linas Garsys - I'm going to get it running up my right calf in this heliotrope purple with the grey leaves behind it - I just love this design & it fits in so well with the other pieces I have (especially the backpiece of the DF blackheart which is another Linas drawing)- have been thinking about this one since last July when I picked up this T shirt....

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