Elizabeth (sistinas) wrote,

merry xmas!

I'm the least religious person on earth but I'll gladly accept some time off from work & an excuse to give presents to my friends :) So Merry Xmas!!

Gave Paula a Breadman pro breadmaker & it works in my favor as she loves to make bread so I have a feeling it will be all fresh stuff from here on out & she'll experiment with making some lo-carb types (which will be nice since that stuff is like $3 a loaf at the store). Also gave her a Disney figurine of Malificent standing in front of her castle with little windows in the tower that light up which she loved.

Got Judy the 5 CD Johnny Cash collection "Unearthed" from his American recordings sessions with Rick Rubin - its very cool & the CDs come in a little miniature album like old fashioned photo albums (I didn't even realize 'til Judy told me that old 78s came like that with one song on each side so an "album" might be 5 discs in one photo-type album package) Also got her the DVD of the movie "Wild Zero" so we watched that & it's a riot - a low budget Japanese flick in which punk band Guitar Wolf save the world from flesh eating zombies! Definitely a must see!

Paula gave me the boxed DVD set of the TV show "Carnivale" and Judy got me a "Hero" poster signed by artist Yoshitaka Amano and an original drawing of my favorite bizarro 80's singer Klaus Nomi by the creator of the weird TV show "The Oblongs".

And my cat is totally stoned on Cosmic kitty :)
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