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Looking back on 2005......

Having a quiet New Year's Eve sitting at home as there really isn't much going on this year, at least I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything! Anyway, compulsive listmaker that I am here I am thinking back on 2005 - not a bad year at all.

Bands I saw in 2005:
12 Step Rebels
Alkaline Trio
Ben Kweller
Black Label Society
Black Sabbath
Circa Survive
Cosmic Voodoo
Day of Contempt
Death from Above 1979
Die Hunns
Eyes of Fire
Iron Maiden
Kings of Nuthin'
Left Alone
Levi Dexter
Lost City Angels
Love Equals Death
Mad Marge & the Stonecutters
My Chemical Romance
New York Dolls
Octane 800
Queens of the Stone Age
Reggie & the Full Effects
Rob Zombie
Roger Miret & the Disasters
Sasquatch & the Sick-O-Billies
Shadows Fall
Social Distortion
Straylight Run
Street Dogs
Take the Crown
The A.K.A's
The Bravery
The Horrorpops
The Massacres
The Offspring
The Resurex
The Shins
The Unseen
The White Stripes
Tiger Army
VNV Nation
Zombie Ghost Train
(a free ticket to Ozzfest explains the high number of metal acts!)

States I Visited in 2005:
South Carolina
North Carolina
New York
New Jersey

My Top Ten Albums for 2005:
1. Zombie Ghost Train - "Glad Rags & Body Bags" - I discovered this Australian psychobilly trio at the beginning of this year & picked up their excellent EP "Monster Formal Wear" and then their album that came out a few months later. Great band & singer Stu Arkoff has a wonderful voice, also had a blast seeing them on their US tour, highly recommended if you like catchy tunes about zombies & monsters done rockabilly style
2. Alkaline Trio - "Crimson" - way catchy poppy punk with cynical dark lyrics that get stuck in my head for hours at a time
3. Fields of the Nephilim "Mourning Sun" one of my absolute favorite goth bands released their first album in like 15 years and it lived up to expectations, a great followup to their last (Elyzium) from the early 90's...
4. Mad Sin " Dead Moons Calling" long awaited from this German psychobilly band
5. Lost City Angels - Broken World
6. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
7. Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel
8. Circa Survive - Juturna ...IMHO a better Mars Volta album than "Francis the Mute" : )
9.Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code
10. Horropops - Bring it On

My Fav Movies of 2005 (I didn't see as many as I would have liked since I was really busy so I'm probably missing some good ones)
Corpse Bride
King Kong
Sin City
Batman Begins
Howl's Moving Castle

High points of 2005:
- adopting my wonderful Spookycat :)
- lots of travel! 5 trips to California, plus trips to Florida, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Cincinnati, New York & a bunch of other places!
- many great concerts, the whole Tiger Army "Dark Romance" tour (again, lots of travel!), and especially seeing them play here in DC on my birthday with lots of my friends there & having Nick 13 dedicate "Through the Darkness" to me and wishing me a happy birthday - swoon!
- added lots of really nice art to my collection including two Simon Bisley paintings (in a week! After wanting an example of his art for 15 years!!), one by Michael Hussar (plus his "Daddy's Girl" glicee print), 4 paintings & two pastels by Michael Zulli and some nice pieces by Michael Kaluta and Martin Emond.
- getting my hot pink glitter King Doublebass Sparkle King from Geoff!
- getting my right sleeve tattoo nearly done!! (30 hours and soooo close to done!)
- visiting Myke Hideous & his kitties up in NJ & going to see Bauhaus in NYC

Low points of 2005:
- having to euthanize my beloved Kitty Boo at the age of 21 when her kidneys started to fail - I still miss her and she was the sweetest kitty though Spooky is doing his best to fill the empty spot in my heart she left
- reoccuring respiratory infections...I am so goddamn sick of not being able to breath for weeks at a time

Here's to a great 2006!!!! My resolutions - back on diet HARD CORE to try and beat the swollen feeling from taking all this prednsone.... also plan to sell some stuff & pay off my car loan early so I'll have more $$ each month.

Looking forward to:
- traveling to California in February for 4 Tiger Army shows at the Anaheim House of Blues!
- the upcoming AFI album & tour!
- more tattoos work
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