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Honest I was feeling so much better last week, finishing up the long term course of low level prednisone & hoping it would all be over when I finished that, then on Sunday I came down with a bad cold that settled in my chest, never good for me. I stayed home from work Monday hoping a day of rest would kill it but by Monday night I was wheezing, then tried going into work Tuesday but that didn't last long, but called the Dr's office from work as I was feeling worse (just all the commuting in on buses & trains took too much out of me) & they had me come right in so for now I'm back on a much bigger dose to taper down as well as two weeks of antibiotics. Feel like I've been through the ringer. So right now I'm waiting thru the awful purgatory time of "from when I woke up if I was going to work to when people actually get to my office so I can call them and tell them I'm not gonna be there" and then I can go back to sleep. I am so friggin' sick of my rotten lungs.

If I'm feeling better by this afternoon I might wander off to where one of my favorite restaurants Bugaboo Creek is having a grand re-opening (they'd had a bad fire a few months back) & offering a free gift card good for a free meal a month for a year up to $25 each month to the first 50 diners, yummmm.... Its a steakhouse that in atmosphere is somewhere in between Twin Peaks & Chuck E Cheese as its built like a Canadian Hunting Lodge with animatronic taxidermy that you see moving out of the corner of your eye when you're not quite looking. I know that makes it sound kinda scary but its a good as Outback Steak house, maybe better.

yay the trailer for Clerks 2 is online here. I absolutely loved the first one & am looking forward to #2... Clerks was the only movie I saw & REALLY REALLY felt like I'd missed the boat & should have been the one to do it - it would have been SOOOO easy if I'd just filmed my friend Andy working at the old Zenith Comics store and his buddy John & John's old room mate Dale. I swear Dale is Jack Black's doppleganger - or Jack Black is Dale's doppleganger since I knew Dale long before I ever heard of Jack Black. I'll never forget when Dale was walking thru his college's parking lot & some gal came up to him & asked if he was in a band and if he was could he sign her notebook so he said sure and wrote "hang in there baby!" signed Ian Curtis. Zenith was a fun comics store to hang around, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did (not surprisingly it went under when the owner's wife who was backing it got tired of it bleeding money and the owner is now a pastry chef for Eatzis)... Andy was a riot & when he was bored (which was most of the time) he would just make up prices or charge whatever he thought they should be which always worked out in my favor ($25 for a signed limited edition HR Giger print - hell yeah!) and he had no problem tossing out people he thought were uppity or disagreed with, especially in his words "hard blondes". I ran into Andy last year at the Landmark Cinema on E street - he's now married & the head wine steward at one of the ritziest restaurants in downtown DC, who'd have thought it? Wonder whatever happened to Dale, he sure missed his calling!

Wow now I know why people take up ticket scalping.... I had bought 2 tix to see Avenged Sevenfold on a whim when I was down at the 9:30 to see John Waters, then I couldn't find anybody to go with me so since I didn't want to go alone I figured I'd sell 'em. I looked on ebay & saw people selling them for $60-$100 a ticket (where the hell was everybody when they were on sale? They were available for weeks, its not like it sold out in ten minutes) so I threw 'em on ebay for a buy it now of $110 and sold the pair half an hour later for a profit of $60 after the fees were taken out! Anyway I promise I will not become a professional parasite!

Major bummer, probably will not make it to see the Explosion tomorrow as it would be just too risky going into a smoky club when I can't breathe very well - WAAAAH as I've been looking forward to this for a while & haven't seen them in over a year. DC finally passed a ban on smoking in public places but unfortunately it won't go into effect until Jan of 2007 so gotta wait it out.... a lot of places (including the Black Cat) are trying to fight for exemptions claiming it will hurt their business as apparently they think people can't drink without a cigarette in the other hand, sadly those of us who can't breathe and will support their businesses in the place of smokers aren't a big enough group....
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