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yay Bugaboo!

So I stayed home today & slept in and the extra sleep REALLY helped me feel better & now the antibiotics & extra prednisone have kicked in so I am feeling a zillion times better than yesterday - yay! So as I was feeling up to it in the early afternoon Jree and I headed over to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse & were there for their grand re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony and among the first 50 diners & each won a stack of 12 $25 gift cards (total of $300 worth!!), one good for each month for the next year - SWEET!

Had a great late lunch of rare ribeye in a honey pepper sauce over a bed of caramelized onions that was to die for & Judy had the prime rib, oh yeah, it will be no problem to go there once a month for a nice free meal!!! Our waiter was a really friendly fellow named Basil who had moved down from NYC & was one of their new employees tho apparently 85% of the old staff was back even though the fire was 10 months ago, they all love it there & feel like a family so he told me it was a great atmosphere to work in. Basil was a bit nervous but really sweet to us as he told us we were special since we were his very first customers & were easy on him (it would truly suck to have your first customer be one of those patrons from hell who send everything back & just try & scam for free food!)

Just so happy to have them back in business as I've been going there for a good 10-12 years & almost always celebrate my birthday there. Even brought Bobby Steele (former Misfits guitarist) there for dinner when he came to visit some years back!

Then a nice surprize tonight - a phone call out of the blue from Australia from Zombie Ghost Train's drummer Azzy T! He called to see what was up & thank me for the package I sent them of photos & CD images & Christmas cards & some cute little "Rock Monsters" - little plastic toy monsters in a little rock band that I'd found in the Giant Grocery store around Halloween, apparently its hard to find things like that in Australia & he loved them. It was great to hear from him & so sweet that he called!! Just wish they'd come back to the states again soon as I had so much fun at their shows, at east their album will be coming out soon in the USA on Hairball 8 Records - apparently its been held up because of some problem in getting the right barcode for it but once that is fixed it will be out domestically - YAY! Will certainly be easier for them to come play some shows if they actually have a CD available in this country, I remember how much fun I had even FINDING their stuff earlier this year but determindly googling CD stores in Oz until I found one that had it & did mail order!

Since it is already Thursday in Australia he assured me Thursday would be a good day :)
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