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yay finally mine!

Nice accomplishent today - paid off my car loan in full nearly a year early, hooray now its all mine instead of partly Mr. Suntrust's! It's a very good feeling & will give me that much more in my pocket each month (or more likely towards paying off the credit card faster)

Other than that it's been mostly an uneventful week aside from dumb Liz somehow loosing her driver's license - it was in a little plastic sleeve in my wallet along with a buncha pictures & the bottom split and it fell out, I searched everywhere but had no luck, meanwhile I panicked some because on the DMV site it said you needed a copy of your birth certificate which I couldn't find as I obviously put it in a "safe place" which is the equivilent of a black hole somewhere... (just found the "certificate of Birth Registration" which I naively assumed was the same thing until I found out otherwise trying to get back in the USA once from Canada...)..so I went online & ordered one from the NY State Dept of Vital Statistics, paid out the wazooo extra for priority rush & FedEx & only then popped up a little note saying "expect it to be shipped on Feb 1st" and I WAILED knowing I'd have to have it to get on a plane by then but thankfully it wasn't an issue and just my voter's registration card & original social security card was OK at the DMV... now if only I hadn't flown into panic mode I would have saved a ton of $$ - que sera sera..... At least its all OK now & I can relax, crazy little things like this send me into a tizzy.

Counting down the days now, in a week I fly out to California for 4 Tiger Army shows in Anahiem - yipee!!! Haven't been anywhere in a few months & looking forward to their nice weather and of course the shows, is it too much to hope that maybe they'll play some new stuff from their yet-to-be-recorded 4th album?

And damn them for now having two shows a week later in San Diego.......

Feeling mucho better, my breathing is finally stabile & clear & I'm off the prednisone tho back on antibiotics as I was still coughing up too much gunk (I know...too much information!) but that will help. Just so damn glad to be off the prednisone & breathing well enough to be back at the gym to try work it off....

Got another $50 "incentive" award at work in the form of a gift card for Montgomery Mall....LOL where to blow it now??? Hot Topic? Torrid? Body Shop? Sephora? The MAC counter at Nordstrom's? I'm glad they picked the mall where I get into the most trouble! Actually just had a major MAC binge as last Saturday Judy & Paula & I drove out to the Outlet mall in Hagerstown & a store there has discounted cheap MAC - yay! Which is great since that shit nevah goes on sale & I binged big time, it was nice cause they had a lot of the pro pigments there too. Will go nicely with the set of Chanel brushes I bought on ebay cheap, man there is so much stuff on ebay that just must "fall offa trucks" for them to sell at those prices.... no complaint here.
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