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Zombie time!

Whoo hoo Rob Zombie is coming to the 9:30 Club on March 26 with w/ Lacuna Coil & Bullet for My Valentine - I missed getting tix yesterday in the presale but was able to get them this morning the instant they went on sale - lucky for me as it sold out in minutes.

Should be a GREAT show, I had fun seeing him at Ozzfest last summer but in a small club will be even better - tho prolly still not as much fun as seeing White Zombie at the OLD 9:30 club two nights running back in Jan of '93!! We were pressed up the barrier & kept getting Rob's long dreads whipping us in our faces & I had bruises for weeks from being pushed so hard against the low stage.... we hung out later & got to meet them all & I got them to sign my copy of La Sexorcisto as Sean Yseult was nice enuff to make the guys come out :) Somewhere I have lotsa pictures but not the greatest as they bounced around the stage SO fast you'd hit the shutter & get a piece of hair flying off to the side of the frame....

Damm I miss White Zombie.... At least I'm sure he'll do some old favs like Black Sunshine...
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