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I swear I'd loose my head if it wasn't attached....

So if it wasn't bad enough that I lost my driver's license last week - yesterday I lost my cell phone. It must have fallen out of the pocket of my hoodie when I was in the food court at Mongomery Mall (following a Nordstrom MAC Spree - oooh I love those new Chromeglass lip glosses & picked up "Prize Shine" and "Pinkocracy" plus some other goodies) and when I got out at my next stop, the Whole Foods in Kentland I noticed it was gone. Hurried back to the mall, asked all over the food court & at their concierge office but nobody had turned it in, a woman at the table next to the one I'd been at seemed to think some boys had found it & taken it. So I went to the Verizon kiosk & had them turn off the phone & got a new one, luckily since I'd been with them for just about 2 years I had $100 credit for an upgrade coming to me that I was able to use & I found a very cute little Samsung SCH-a950 flip phone with pretty metallic red trim that came out to $52 of which I'll get $50 back in a rebate so thankfully I'm only out about $2 plus what I paid for the new ringtones... thankfully this one plays the newer versions that are actual song clips instead of the weird little cheap casio sounding ones on the old phone & I was able to find some stuff I really liked (Tiger Army's "Rose of the Devil's Garden" & "Cupid's Victim", AFI's "Girls Not Grey" and "Silver & Cold", Social D's "Ball and Chain" and the ever popular Tubular Bells..) It's also got a camera built in which I doubt I'll really use since i have real digital cams but I got a decent shot of Spooky Cat to use as a wallpaper background so I wouldn't have to pay to download one.

So today a fellow from Rockville called me, he'd found the old one MILES away from where I'd been - I guess whoever picked it up pitched it out the window when they realized it had been deactivated! Screw 'em for taking it & not just leaving it be or turning it in to lost and found, hope karma bites them in the ass!

Paula's birthday is Wednesday & since I'll be on my way to California that night we celebrated today & Judy and I took her out to her choice - the Sunday brunch at the Holiday Inn which was quite good, I got her the boxed DVD set of "Return of the King"
which made her very happy.

my new pet -
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