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Love Removal Machine!!!

Hooray the Cult are back together!! And coming to the 9:30 Club on March 24 - I am
sooo there! heart heart Ian Astbury :)

And also heard a very intriguing rumor that Tiger Army will be opening for Morrissey for two shows in Texas as warm up dates before the lengthly UK/European tour they'll be doing with Moz (which unfortunately sold out in 20 minutes last Friday before TA was ever announced as being in the lineup which is probably a good thing as it would be too expensive to consider & my passport long ago expired....) but Texas is do-able.... Rumor has it one of the shows is in a BBQ joint in Odessa, TX (not too far from Bushie's home town, I wonder if this is Moz' idea of a joke, I know he sooooo loves Mr President - NOT!!! Maybe he can dedicate "America is Not the World" to him :)

Hmmm...Southwest flies to Odessa & after this weekend I'll have another free round trip ticket :) Oh evil Liz & her mad scheming! I guess it all depends on whether or not I can get a ticket when they go onsale....

Better go back, flying to SoCal tomorrow after work - yay!!! Esp as the temperatures are dropping again here (after it being 62 degrees yesterday - no wonder I keep getting sick!!)
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