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Still I see it, when I close my eyes

What an amazing show -Oh my gawd - they PLAYED "IN THE ORCHARD" TONIGHT!!! For the encore, with Nick 13 telling the crowd "you were the first to buy tickets so you deserve something special"

It was freaking amazing. I've never heard that one live before & always *REALLY* wanted to, Nick said something like they hadn't played it in about 5 years. Wowza...

And a brand new song called "Lunatone" which is really beautiful!!!

I am still amazed - In the Orchard!!!!!!!

-- Ghost Tigers Rise
-- Ghostfire
-- Temptation
-- Valley of Dreams
-- Santa Carla Twilight
-- Cupid's Victim
-- True Romance
-- LunaTone (new song, 1st ever live performance)
-- 20 Flight Rock
-- Incorporeal
-- Rose of the Devil's Garden
-- Outlaw Heart
-- Through the Darkness
-- Nocturnal
-- F.T.W.
-- Never Die
Encore: In the Orchard (1st ever live performance)

some pix from tonight's show - no flash allowed so all available light, glad I picked up an f 1.4 50mm on ebay last month... only downside was I had a lotta trouble getting any of James with him so far back

Edit - tons more pix up now here!!


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